Christian Pen Pal Newsletter

"Christian Pen Pal Newsletter"

Welcome to Christian Pen Pal Newsletter!

Our Vision

Hello! Welcome to Christian Pen Pal Newsletter!

I am glad you chose to stop in and hope you find what you are looking for today.

As you already know writing letters is fast becoming a lost art. It shows in our penmanship and how we communicate with each other verbally on a daily basis.

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We are dedicated in giving folks pause to slow down for a few minutes and write a heartfelt note to a loved one or new friend.

Making friends from all over the world not only expands your world but increases your comfort zone. Come join us today and start adding to your friends.


We are developing a newsletter that encompasses things of gone by. Our goals are to revive the written letter and calling cards (not the phone type). Reminding people from all over the joy of communicating: writing letters, swapping handmade bookmarks and cards, doilies, calling cards, stationery, quilt quarters, memory book supplies, pot holders, recipes, various stickers, and story writing with a friend close by or far away.

A Little About What We Do

We help people find new friends all over the World and keep the written letter alive. We work at offering a newsletter where you can practice your writing skills, find new swappers from all over the world, and maybe receive some very wonderful items.


Special Offerings

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A Reminder

As a reminder, be careful in giving out personal information. CPPN does not sell to prisoners; however, we are unable to control what subscribers do with any information you provide.

Pen Pal Newsletters, Blogs, and Sites

Pen Pals are a great way to learn about other cultures and events around the world. You have the opportunity to see places through the eyes of local folks, and how each of them view their home and yours.

Here are some you can take a look through.